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SteerSmart is eternally grateful for the families of the high school and college students who are in the SteerSmart program.  Parents typically tell us that having their children in the SteerSmart program ensures them that their children will never be forgotten.  These families also want to spare other families from the unthinkable pain that they have had to endure and will always have to endure. 

It is a common misconception that the fatalities that happen as a result of a car crash happen only to delinquents.  This couldn't be further from reality.  This is an equal opportunity killer.  It doesn't matter what your socioeconomic status is, your religion, your race or your sex.  There are brilliant students who were headed to Ivy League schools, talented musicians and artists.  There are athletes who were going to play their sport in D-1 programs.  Every single one of the students in the SteerSmart program comes from loving and wonderful families, and not a day goes by without their family and friends missing them, loving them and longing for them. 

These deaths however, are not in vain because these students are saving lives through the SteerSmart program.  Thank you to all of these families, and God bless you for giving your children's story to others in order to educate and save young lives all over the country. 



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Anna Bailey