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No one begins their day by thinking, "I could die this afternoon."

SteerSmart focuses on decisions and consequences made specifically in and around cars. 

Regardless of the age of the student they will learn that there are ramifications from decisions that they make.


High School and college students learn from people who look just like any audience member.  The program dissects the anatomy of specific car crashes which resulted in severe injuries or fatalities.  The myth that all kids who get killed or injured in these crashes are delinquents who are either drunk or texting is dispelled.


The SteerSmart material covers far more than just distractions and alcohol. Every program is different and personalized to each specific audience relating to the age and demographic of each school and organization.

The material covers  seat belts, weather, trucks on the road, speed, intersections, road trips, falling asleep at the wheel and more.

There is also a heavy focus on the magnitude of being a passenger.  There are many passengers who have died in the SteerSmart program while the driver lives physically unscathed. 

It is often noted that students appreciate the fact that SteerSmart is not a typical lecture focusing only on how they drive.  There is a strong focus on everyone else on the road. 


Car crashes are an equal opportunity killer.  The program shows victims from all walks of life, socioeconomic status, public and private schools, religious affiliations, athletes, musicians, artists and scholars.

Every single audience member can identify with someone up on the screen.

This video has been deleted.
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