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When the original directors of SteerSmart were asked to be on the inaugural board, they agreed without hesitation. For almost seven years, they gave their time, their resources and their energy to further the life saving mission.  It's clear that SteerSmart wouldn't be where it is today without the support and generosity of these people.  SteerSmart will be forever grateful to these people who believed in SteerSmart from its very inception.

Board of Directors   Board of Directors

Michael Bald


Rick Bennett

Bennett Brown


Roberta Cart


Jean Glenn


Jane Haverty


Peter Hennessy

Matthew Jewell


Dr. Allison Koenig


Dr. Gary Lourie

  Joe Loveland


  Neal Maziar


  Mark Pope


  Peter Riley


  Suzanne Luedtke Salmon


  Jane Fickling Skinner

  Caroline Vroon


  Charles Wellborn


  Robert Winborne

  Reverend Steve Allen

  Fred Assaf


  Dr. Perry Ballard

  Kaki Behr

  Nancy Caswell

  Paul Davis

  Louise Duffy

  Chris Freer

  Dr. Steve McCollam



Advisory Board
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