A Message from the Founder

From Idea to Reality:

When the first of our six children was old enough to drive, I was haunted by memories of friends who had died in car crashes or ended up in wheelchairs while I was in high school and college.  These victims were all terrific kids from great families.  Contrary to the typical misconception, these victims weren't all wasted in the middle of the night, and of course they weren't on the phone.  

The only safe driving programs that I could find for my own children were similar to the high school programs that I had taken as a student.


The SteerSmart vision was to be more than a one-dimensional program that centered around texting and driving or drinking and driving.  We also wanted to focus not only on drivers who had died, but also those who had survived serious crashes that changed the trajectory of their lives.   


The program originally targeted new drivers, and in recent years we then added programs designed for high school seniors and college students. 


We are proud to have been able to deliver our message of safer driving to over 100 audiences in 20 states, reaching thousands of young drivers.  We have made particular progress in recent years in addressing the college audience - thus far at the University of Alabama, the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, the University of Virginia and Washington and Lee University.  The college programs have the added depth of additional topics relating to college life such as addiction and mental health while weaving in social media.  We want all students to not only SteerSmart literally, but to SteerSmart figuratively.

We welcome interested parties to contact us about live presentations at their schools or community organizations. 

As a small non-profit, we also welcome your ideas, assistance, and financial support.  


Thank you for your interest.  Together we can all make the roads safer for everyone.  As always, don't forget to SteerSmart!


Lauren Winborne 

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