Meet the Advocacy Board

SteerSmart’s Advocacy Board consists of four people who are thirty-five or younger.  Each member of the advocacy board has either been in a serious crash or has been dramatically effected by a serious car crash. 



We believe that the AB will help the board of directors implement new and innovative ideas and help the board stay current, so we can continue to be connected to all high school and college audiences.

The AB will also be highly effective with implementing different aspects of technology and working to improve our social media presence.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Advocacy Board,

please contact Alex Feidler at

  • Jessie Cart

    Jessie is a native Atlantan and is a graduate of Woodward Academy and Wofford College.  At Wofford, she was involved with various community service organizations and outreach programs helping with fundraising and working with different aspects of infrastructure. After graduation she moved to Africa to do wildlife research and to work in local communities.

    At 15, Cart's brother and best friend was killed in a car crash.  Cart and her sister, Heyward, and her parents, Roberta and Rob, worked with Winborne during the girl's high school years shortly after the loss of Henry.  Jessie's mother is a Director Emeritus.

    Jessie is excited to work on the Advocacy Board of SteerSmart and make a difference.

    Henry's story has been a critical part of the SteerSmart program since its inception and has consequently saved many lives.  The entire Cart Family has been an integral part of SteerSmart enabling its reach to be furthered throughout the country.

    Jessie is currently working on her Master's in Architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design. 

  • Alex Feidler

    Alex was born and raised in Atlanta and is a graduate of Woodward Academy and Hampden-Sydney College.

    While he was in high school, one of his best friends died in a car crash.  Soon after losing his friend, he heard Winborne speak to an audience of eleven hundred students.

    The program made a lasting impression on Feidler.

    Over the last two years,  Winborne has wanted to develop a separate board with younger people in order to have current ideas and energy. Feidler reached out to Winborne in the summer of 2018, and the Advocacy Board was born.

    Alex Feidler has had extensive work in the non profit world and is a natural leader for the Board.

    Alex works for Accushield, a software startup focused in senior living based in Atlanta. He is passionate about helping people best utilize technology so they can grow and scale in the professional realm.  

  • Hadley Korn

    Hadley grew up in Atlanta and went to The Lovett School and St. George's School in Newport, RI.  She graduated from USC with a degree in Communication and Psychology.

    After graduation, she continued living in Los Angeles for five more years working in the film industry.

    She is currently living in Washington, D.C. pursuing her Masters in Film and Media Arts at American University.  While working on her Masters, she is freelancing as a documentary filmmaker.

    When Hadley was in high school, she was in a near fatal car crash that changed the  trajectory of her life. The material that has been added to the SteerSmart program as a result of Hadley's tragic crash has saved countless lives.

    Hadley's parents, Lanie and Steve have given powerful interviews contributing to SteerSmart material. Steve is on the board as well.  

    Hadley is excited about SteerSmart and the Advocacy Board and is eager to play a role in preventing car crashes.

  • Anna Sharp

    Anna Sharp Bryson has supported SteerSmart for over seven years after her own experience in a serious car crash in college.  She has been a significant contributor to the SteerSmart content.  Anna's unabashed courage and conviction are inspiring to all who hear her story. We are so fortunate to have her involvement.

    Anna heads up the community event and programming for Livable Buckhead, a non-profit rooted in sustainability and green space development in Atlanta.

    Anna has a degree in Environmental Policy/GIS and is being LEED Green Associate certified.

    Anna lives in Reynoldstown and travels the world with her husband, Trey. They also love hanging out in Atlanta and spending time on the Beltline and exploring the beautiful hiking in the state of Georgia with their pup, Louie.

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