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SteerSmart College Programs

SteerSmart has had programs in five universities. Our educational initiative fits into most curriculums in the Greek community, athletic teams, church groups or other organizations that require furthering education in health and wellness and risk management.   As always, there is no charge for the SteerSmart program.


Georgia Tech

"What SteerSmart accomplishes in a one-hour  program is amazing, and I highly recommend the program.  I've seen Georgia Tech students captivated and focused during the program.  

We can all learn from SteerSmart."

Dean of Students 


"SteerSmart is a life saving program that commands and captures the audience attention.  The program had a powerful and emotional impact on Georgia Tech students."

Director of Research and Assessment for Students and Parent Programming

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Winborne.  Tonight was incredible, and everyone is talking about it."


"The program tonight was one of the best programs we have ever had.  The way she made it interesting for all of us and didn't just lecture us made it especially moving.  We all learned a lot."

Third year-ADPI

"Thank you so much for coming.   I've talked to a lot of the guys, and everyone said that they thought it was really great.  I've gotten really great feedback."


"I learned that it's not always me.  I am a safe driver, so I didn't really think that I needed to learn anything.

She made it super clear that it was critical to watch out for other drivers...all other drivers.  The only way to control other people who don't drive well is by being defensive and aware of them.   

They can be idiots, so you have to be aware of them."

Second year-KA

"The most important thing I got out of the program was accountability.  I need to hold myself accountable, but 

I also need to hold my friends and family accountable.  Raise the bar, like she said."

Second year-KA

"We think that we are invincible, and we are all having a good time in college, but I Iearned that car crashes can happen to anyone.  We aren't invincible, so we need to be especially aware of that when we are in a car."

Second year-KA

"This wasn't just another program telling us not to drink and drive and not to text and drive.  We all know that by now.   I learned and was glad it wasn't another typical lecture."

Fourth year-SAE

"I thought I knew everything about driving, and I've never gotten into an accident, so I was surprised to learn some different things that I have never thought of."

Third year-SAE

"I was pretty amazed that you can get into a fatal accident in circumstances that really don't seem that serious.

In other words, it wasn't all about getting drunk and driving.  I learned some different things that I had never thought of."

Fourth year-SAE

"The topics that Mrs. Winborne discusses are absolutely invaluable.  The girls have loved the program because it's not only informative, but it's also engaging.  We've had multiple SteerSmart programs that have all been well received.  The new material on social media and mental health is also a strong addition considering the pervasive mental health issues on college campuses throughout the country."

President-ZTA 2018

"The SteerSmart program has been a program that all of that ZTA's have really learned a lot from, and we have actually enjoyed it.  It's not a lecture."

President-ZTA 2019

"I've now seen the SteerSmart program twice in college.  It doesn't seem like college students need driver's education, but we all need it because it's different on lots of levels.  This year, Mrs. Winborne added material outside of driving.  Listening to her talk about social media related to mental health and addiction was so authentic.  We all listened intently."

Third year-ZTA

University of Alabama

"You are really saving lives wherever you go.  SteerSmart really speaks to all ages and makes such an impact.

Winborne speaks from the heart and is dynamic, and it comes through in your program."

Dean of Students

"This program is one of the most eye-opening programs around.  SteerSmart does a tremendous job of including real life circumstances that you can help but pay attention to.  However, and more importantly, there are solutions offered."

Senior-Teaching Assistant

"Thanks fo much for coming tonight.  I've been to a bunch of talks like these, and yours was by far the best.  No one expected it to be any good at all, and I've heard nothing but great things from everyone who went."


"I've seen all sorts of program in this house, and I have to tell you that everyone in the dining room was paying attention tonight.  That is not always the case."

House mother-DKE

"I'm from New Orleans, and I think everyone there could use this program.  It's different there.  I'm going to reach out to a number of people and try to get SteerSmart in my city.  Everyone can learn from this."


"I had no idea that this was going to be any good.  I was mad that we had to go to it, and I thought it was going to be so lame.  Thanks so much for coming here."


"Thank you so much for being here.  No one had any idea what to expect.  Everyone has been telling me how important it was.  They have also said that the way you tell everything makes it so interesting, and it's great that you actually make things funny too."

President-Kappa Kappa Gamma

"Mrs. Winborne, the program was so, so good!  Thank you so much for making it happen.  I've heard great things from everyone!"

Junior-Kappa Kappa Gamma

""I knew some of the material, but I actually learned  a lot as well.  Thank you so much, for coming to T'Town.
Junior-Kappa Kappa Gamma

"I'd really like you to come to my high school.  I think this is important in high school and in college, but you would never think to have anything like this in college.  Thank you so much."

Freshman-Kappa Kappa Gamma

Ole Miss

"It wasn't scripted.  It was like she was just talking to a friend.  I thought it was going to be boring, and I didn't

expect to learn anything at all, but I did."

Junior-Chi Omega

"I really did learn a lot.  I'm not just saying that."

Sophomore-Chi Omega

University of Georgia

"Its obviously made me a safer driver, but now I'm also more aware of what others do around me.  I feel so much better about our team and especially out younger drivers.  I think everyone is a lot safer now that we've had the SteerSmart program."

Senior-Co-Captain Men's Golf Team

"I just had no idea about so many of the little things that are important. 

It's changed a lot of things about how I drive."

Senior Co-Captain Men's Golf Team

University of Virginia

"Thank you so much for speaking to our sorority.  I think we all learned quite a bit, and I also think our driving habits will change when we are driving or riding in a car."

Second year-Delta Delta Delta

"I saw SteerSmart in tenth grade, and I saw it tonight.  It was just as relevant both times and made me reconsider how I drive.  SteerSmart illustrates to students of all ages  that no one is immune to having a car crash."

President-Kappa Alpha Theta

"We are from Miami, and the driving there is really crazy.  I'd like to get your program into my little brother's high school.  Miami high school students really need a program like this."

Third year-Kappa Alpha Theta

"That was one of the best programs we have ever had.  Everyone in the entire sorority was listening, and I know it hit home to us all on some level.  Thank you."

Third year-Kappa Alpha Theta


"I'm really glad to have participated in the SteerSmart program at the Kappa House.  You wouldn't think we would need a driving program in college, but I think we all learned something.  The topics outside of driving were also really relevant to us all."

President-Kappa Kappa Gamma 

"It's really impactful.  We are all driving down to Mardi Gras next week, and I'm so glad we had this program before that trip.  It's so much more than just texting and driving.  I'm more aware of people around me, being a good passenger and trucks.  It's really an incredibly impactful program.  I'm really thankful for SteerSmart."

Fourth year-Kappa Sigma

"I think my biggest take away from SteerSmart is that she talks about things that no one else talks about, like trucks on the road and how to navigate around them.  Everyone thinks it's always drinking and driving, but she makes you aware of so much more."

Second year-Kappa Sigma

"There are so many things that you can do when you are in the car as a driver or as a passenger that take no time that can make you avoid a bad situation."

Fourth year-Kappa Sigma

"I didn't expect such strong feedback from everyone.  Thank you so much for coming to the house.  I think we all learned something tonight."

President-Phi Delta Theta

"I was surprised to learn so much during SteerSmart.  I didn't know anything about trucks on the road or driving around them.  I am much more aware as a driver and as a passenger.  I feel safer."

Fourth year-Virginia Gentleman

"SteerSmart was surprisingly good.  I was in a crash because I fell asleep.  I had no idea about chewing ice.  Thank you so much for coming to C'ville and speaking to all of us."

Third year-Virginia Gentleman

"We are on the road a lot with our concerts/tours, and I think we all feel a little safer on the road knowing some of the things that we didn't know.  Thank you so much from all of us."

Fourth year-Virginia Gentleman

Washington & Lee

"I'm really glad that you were here.  I think everyone in the room got something out of it.  I think you should come back in the fall so you can reach all of the fraternities and the sororities."

President-Chi Psi

"To be honest, no one knew what to expect and no one wanted to go tonight, but it was required.  The program was fantastic and humbling for everyone.   I'm emailing my high school in Dallas so SteerSmart can have  a program there.  Thanks so much for coming to Chi Psi."

Sophomore-Chi Psi

"I was really surprised to learn anything from your program, but I did."

Freshman-Chi Psi

"The speaker was a beast.  The program was incredible."

Sophomore-Chi Psi

"I actually saw this program at my high school in North Carolina, but I even got something  out of this this time."

Freshman-Chi Psi

"I learned that a car crash can happen to anyone, and it's equal for everyone.  Thank you so much for making the trip here."

President-Kappa Kappa Gamma

"I learned that you can still have alcohol in your system the next morning after drinking the previous night."

Junior-Kappa Kappa Gamma

"We learned to avoid trucks, and if you miss your exit, you just go to the next exit.  Thank you so much for coming here tonight."

Junior-Kappa Kappa Gamma


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