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The SteerSmart Programs

The SteerSmart program is offered free of charge to all schools and community organizations.

In addition to the student programs, SteerSmart offers parent programs which are typically held in a presentation the night before a school event, in a lunch-and-learn session or in a morning parent coffee.   



  SteerSmart’s New Driver Program is focused on early aspects of driving and riding in a car; typically for tenth or eleventh grades.  (This depends on the GDL restrictions, (Graduated Driver License), because laws vary in each state.

In contrast with traditional Driver's Ed classes, SteerSmart is fast-paced with short clips, current music, interviews with young survivors, doctors, truckers and parents.  Students and administrators have noted that the program is dynamic, interactive and engaging.


The High School Senior Program incorporates everyday driving scenarios for the 'experienced' driver, while also focusing on driving during the college.  (The term 'experienced' is used loosely because depending on what state the student lives in, high school seniors have typically been driving a year or two.)

The college transition is also highlighted throughout the program.

SteerSmart frequently has community programs and school programs for parents of seniors in different cities as well.  The college transition is also a focus, while weaving in warning signs of addiction and mental health.

 "SteerSmart literally and figuratively"  is how we explain the material for parents of older students.  ​

The SteerSmart College Program is for all college students regardless of their year. 

Road trips, dealing with trucks on the highway, and the risks of falling asleep at the wheel are incorporated into day to day driving scenarios in college.

There are also talking points on college living in general and the pervasive issues of addiction and mental health tying in social media.  These other aspects of college life are woven into the material seamlessly and have been strongly embraced by college students.  We believe that all students need to SteerSmart literally and figuratively.

College programs can be presented to fraternities, sororities, athletic teams, educational departments, and other venues. 

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