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Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, is a private, not-for-profit hospital specializing in medical research and  rehabilitation for people with spinal cord, brain injury and numerous other neuromuscular conditions.  Since SteerSmart's inception, "Shepherd" has contributed significantly by weaving in patient's personal stories into the educational initiative.  The former Shepherd patients below are saving lives every day with their stories.
We are incredibly grateful for Shepherd Center and these patients.

Shepherd Center and SteerSmart

Stephanie 1.png

Daquarius talks about the significance of wearing a seat belt and making good decisions.


If Molly had not had a seat belt on, then

she would have been "flung from the car". 


Gebriel was hit so hard at an 

intersection he has life long 

injuries.  He lived because of his

seat belt.

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