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Student Ambassadors

Our “Student Ambassadors” are zealous about the SteerSmart program and tremendously

effective in working on furthering the mission of saving lives. 

There are a variety of ways that our ambassadors make this happen.


These students are leaders in their high school or college. 

They work with their administration to bring SteerSmart to the school that they attend or they simply endorse the program in a video clip or in writing.  

Our Student Ambassadors do not have to attend the school when they are working on furthering the SteerSmart mission.  They can reach out to their friends at other schools and help incorporate the program.

Public and private high schools can be contacted along with public and private universities

If you think you might be interested in

becoming a student ambassador, please contact us.


University of Alabama

Olivia Dillon

Alex Murphy

Carson Smith

Lindsey Hollins

Clemson University

Sarah Kate Powell

CU Boulder

Deerfield Windsor


Olivia Bell

Georgia Tech

Mary Elizabeth Davis

Jake Fulwiler

Madelyn Hightower

Brenton Sanders

Cecilia Young


Myers Park High School

Mark Dillon


University of Georgia

Jack Larkin

Oconee Cty High School

Caitlyn Dunford

Jacob Zipperer


Ole Miss

Charlie Chambers

Sally Wilkerson



St. Pius X

Campbell Hollensbe


University of Virginia

Addie Croft 

Clare Draper

Bronson Ingram

Hannah Peterson

Will Russ

Alex Silliman

Jack Wilkins

Washington and Lee

Julia Carullo

Whit Goode

Layne Nalty

Mary Helen Powell

The Westminster Schools

Katherine Hennessy

Anna Tarkenton 

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