SteerSmart Board of Directors

SteerSmart is honored to have the directors below who all have very full lives but have agreed to give of themselves to in order to carry on the mission of leaving young lives through our educational initiative. 

Kathleen Hohlstein, Anno Hardage, Amanda Brady and Caroline Millican have all lost relatives in car crashes, so it's imperative to have their input in the SteerSmart material and throughout the programs.  We are grateful to continue to have Joe Loveland and Robert Winborne who have been involved with SteerSmart since its inception with board membership.  We continue to have medical involvement with Carla Haley on the board, and we welcome her husband's input who is also a doctor and in SteerSmart videos.

Marie Macadam became involved with SteerSmart after her youngest child, Luke, was involved in a car crash.  Carolyn Shiverick, Taylor Wright and Suci Jackson have been involved with SteerSmart alongside their own children who are in middle school, high school and college.  They have been generous with their time, energy, input and resources.

Bryan Mulligan is an entrepreneur who is keenly interested and invested in the world of safety in cars.   He created Applied Informations, Inc. which is focused on community safety centered around traffic.  He developed an app that aids cities and rescue departments in getting to the scene of a crash faster and more efficiently.  The app also helps with improving traffic patterns.

Russell Bryan lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and became involved in SteerSmart  when his girls were in high school and of driving age.  He has seen first hand a standing room only auditorium for high school students in Charlotte and believes in the power of the SteerSmart program.  Russell has been critical in furthering SteerSmart's educational initiative and mission through his involvement in the Jenny Lillian Semans Koortbojian Trust.  

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