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     No one begins their day thinking they will get in a car crash. 

Car crashes are the number one cause of death and serious injury for high school and college students.


"SteerSmart is extremely effective and informative, and all driving age students can benefit from it.  Even adults can learn a thing or two." 

                                                           The Weber School


Chris Hohlstein, of BNY Mellon, talks about his 

 invovlement in SteerSmart and the tragic death of their nephew, Andrew.    Hohlstein's wife, Kathleen, is a director.

               2019 SteerSmart 



Georgia Tech students, Jake Fulwiler and Madelyn Hightower, talk to attendees about the benefits of SteerSmart and how it applies to college life.


Board member, Steve Korn, discusses the importance of SteerSmart and the reasons to support it.


Inaugural Board member, Peter Hennessy, walks through the early days of SteerSmart, the material, and the educational initiative that has made a difference in high school and college students' lives.

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